Get to know us!

Orienting comprises of a team that is passionately interested in making a difference in the lives of young adults. The students we work with today will be an inspiration to others tomorrow. We aim to pass on the torch to the next generation by equipping them with the proficiency that’s required to adapt to a rapidly changing workplace scenario. Our intent is not only that they succeed in the profession of their choice but also to be successful in all areas of their lives.

Orienting started in 2014, led by a dynamic team of industry experts, who believe in nurturing and honing the potential of every child, with a mission of adding value to institutions and Organizations by energizing competence through experiential learning.



What we do


Our app provides a platform for everyone to explore their strengths and embrace new skills they wish to develop. 

Equip and Empower

Our experiential training program is power-packed with activities, life skills, team building resources and much more. This is to empower individuals and instill confidence in them.


With an opportunity to grow and develop, we love to connect individuals to life coaches and mentors that can support, encourage and guide you through the rough patches you incur.

Our Team