Orienting for Corporates

Why Orienting?

Orienting for corporates has multiple benefits of engaging adults whilst helping them learn for themselves life skills otherwise deemed unnecessary from an individual’s stand point. When presented correctly in the right method, learning is takes on a life of its own and the thirst for new ways to solve age old challenges becomes unquenchable

Orienting presents itself as an entity that connects the familiar to the unfamiliar in a way that is both challenging and inviting simultaneously.

Corporates will love orienting for the innovative ways concepts are introduced, training objectives are met, and challenges are faced and overcome.

Helping build teams that are in sync with the vision of the company, and are willing to put in the work will find at the end that in building someone else’s dreams they were built up themselves.

Corporate Diary

Hudson's Bay

Orienting was conducted for employees of Hudson’s Bay Company. It was purely experiential and the day was packed with fun-filled activities and learnings for the employees. The teams worked together cohesively and were able to bring out the desired outputs for each activity and task.

The objective of the training was met when at the end of each task the teams were able to come together and present their learnings in front of everyone.

The Orienting booklet was the icing on top of a perfect day. They were able to create a vision for themselves and synchronize with the vision of the company. They learnt that they would be contributing to a much bigger purpose then themselves. Through their roles in the company, they would deliver their best using their time talent & treasure.