Orienting for Educators

Before you build a house, you lay a strong foundation; our educators are in the business of laying the foundation for the students in our schools & Colleges.  The part we play is to help in equipping & empowering these Custodians of our Education System in their noble endeavor.

What we do?

Assist Faculty to manage their many roles and responsibilities by creating work/life balance. This will help them prioritize tasks, plan and execute all that is demanded of them without burning themselves out.

 We increase performance by helping them gain knowledge to foster innovative techniques to learn new concepts and provide them with tools and methodologies to cater to students with various learning speeds and styles.   

We also work with faculty members to create an environment of trust where accountability is shared equally between students, parents and themselves by building a culture for learning based on collaboration, teamwork, and shared vision

We develop their skills and techniques to add quality and effectiveness in their teaching methods in a way that creates a positive impression and enhances their professional image by increasing their confidence and ability to create and deliver better lessons.

To have an open dialogue that celebrates successes and analyses failures in the learning process by improving on strengths and working on potential risks. This helps them explore their life purpose and orients them towards right goals.

We welcome every opportunity to be a spotter and to inculcate a specific skillset as a part of your teaching repertoire.

Faculty Development Program

St. Joseph’s

The FDP at St. Joseph’s Hassan was conducted on the college campus as a part of a 2 day Workshop. It began ritualistically with the lighting of the lamp and a welcome speech post which the introductions were made. Orienting was conducted for 2 days using the experiential methodology of learning. The Faculty got to experience for themselves firsthand what it is like to undergo an experience that is motivating and transformational.
Every concept, lesson, & theory was taught with the help of activities, games and tasks that they had to do. Their experiences were further cemented when they were able to articulate their learnings to the rest of the group. The shared experiences of challenges faced and overcome through different tried and tested methods helped the faculty blend well with each other and enriched the training program.
We helped them test out the aap and showed them how user friendly it was along with how to navigate their way around it. Every activity from walking the slackline to the electricity game was met with enthusiasm and 100% participation from all. There was a lot of sharing of knowledge, ideas, and challenges. Which was both constructive and helpful, the sessions ended with a Thankyou note form the members of the faculty and the principal.